Welcome to the Writers Page.  Here you’ll meet our team of aspiring writers and learn a few details about their adventurous lives.

Jim Ed Hardaway | Lead Writer from 2006-present

Jim Ed is the founder of Epictrek.com™ and has a heart to reach a generation of young adults who are searching for their purpose in life. He enjoys speaking, writing, and playing his Fender American Telecaster. He also gets a thrill out of hiking & mountain biking new trails in the Rocky Mountains, then grabbing a Chipotle burrito, topped off with a Cinnamon Dolce Latté from Starbucks. He lives in Falcon, Colorado with his wife, Tonya, and their three talented sons: Chase, Caleb, and Carson. CLICK HERE for more information on having Jim Ed speak at your next event.

Sarah Bender Tiedemann | Contributing Writer from 2006-2009

Sarah is a Colorado native who grew up on a farm east of Denver and now lives in Colorado Springs. She enjoys snowboarding, writing, reading, mastering the Incline in Manitou Springs, playing the piano, falling stars and Chinese food. She likes to pick up new hobbies and learn how to play different musical instruments, and she loves to see lives transform and journey into the depths of God's heart.

Kristyn Chiapperino | Contributing Writer from 2006-2010

A self-proclaimed dreamer, Kristyn moved to Colorado Springs five years ago with her family, high hopes of an exciting writing career, and a passion to influence lives and witness dramatic change for the kingdom of God. She’s a junior at University of Colorado studying English and applied communication. She loves writing, music, piano, basketball, and motivating youth. These are just a few of her favorite things, as are raindrops on roses, full moons, quality Italian food, and what my Dad refers to as “fru-fru coffee”—the kind with lots of sugar or mocha, caramel, etc. Kristyn resides in the Springs with her parents, Mike and Cheryl, and younger sister Angi.


Justin Oneacre | Contributing Writer from 2011-present

Justin’s main passion in life is to utilize the creative arts to bring glory to God. He’s enjoyed playing bass guitar at church and in several rock, pop, punk, and acoustic bands in Houston, TX since middle school. When not playing live music, one might find Justin locked in his home studio mixing or remixing new musical ideas on his Pro Tools rig. In his spare time, Justin loves absorbing new books in fiction, business, music, and inspirational memoirs to stretch his mind and ponder the greatness of our God. Justin married his high school sweetheart Rachelle and enjoys spending time with her and their dogs Lizzie, Sammie, Sadie, Sophie... and Jerry (the world’s longest living beta).