team element

This element is a great team builder for work retreats, youth camps, small groups, and more!  With very little preparation and materials needed, it’s easy to transport and facilitate with exciting results.

Materials Needed: One 8' x 8' blanket or tarp.

Instructions: Ask the group or team of 10-12 people to stand on the “magic carpet” (blanket or tarp). The entire group or team must be completely on the blanket.  Once the group is settled and in place, advise them that they are going on a magic carpet ride. Tell them that they have risen high in the air and are ready to go.  But there’s one big problem.  Unfortunately, the instructions on how to steer and land the carpet are on the other side or bottom of the carpet.  The group must flip the carpet over while standing on it, without stepping off (*where of course they would fall to their death).

* A fun variation is to have two groups try the element at the same time to see if they work together or if they attempt to flip their carpet as separate teams.

Afterwards process the element by asking the group questions (see Low Ropes Essentials), encouraging them to think through the process:

Processing the element:

  1. What made the element challenging or difficult?

  2. Formulate other questions based on their responses making sure to touch on subjects like communication, teamwork, leadership, time, etc.

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