team element

This element is a great team builder for work retreats, youth camps, small groups, and more!  With very little preparation and materials needed, it’s easy to transport and facilitate with exciting results.

Objective:  To pass a Hula Hoop around a circle of people.

Materials Needed:  One Hula Hoop.

Instructions: Have the group or team form a circle holding hands.  Two people will need to let go of their grip long enough to place their hands through a hula hoop, then they can rejoin hands.  The task is to pass the hula hoop around the circle in a specified direction until it returns to the starting point; without breaking hands.  Step through, pass over, whatever it takes.  Another way to play is two use two Hula Hoops and have them go around the circle in opposite directions.

* A fun variation is to use a loop of rope (about the same size as hula hoop).

Afterwards process the element by asking the group questions (see Low Ropes Essentials), encouraging them to think through the process:

Processing the element:

  1. What made the element challenging or difficult?

  2. Formulate other questions based on their responses making sure to touch on subjects like communication, teamwork, leadership, time, etc.

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