Sometimes life gets hard and the challenges we face seem overwhelming; so many choices to make and questions about your place in the world.  You need a source of inspiration that is immensely motivating and strengthens your character.  One of purpose and relevance, with cutting-edge ideas and practical application.  Welcome to the Guide Page!

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It's simple, we love to write. Here are some of our web articles for your reading pleasure. So sit back and relax, grab a cup of joe, and let your eyes bask in the pure literary bliss of these pieces of enduring interest.


{e}votionals are must reads for between classes or on the weekends when you’re lounging on the couch in front of the laptop. These {e}vos are short illustrations and impacting stories for you to use in quiet times, during small groups, or for personal encouragement in your spiritual journey. They are designed to be easily accessed and simple to use by browsing through the archives, and you can also subscribe and your RSS reader will alert you when new {e}vos are posted online.