Duck Dynasty

HIDDEN LINK! You've discovered one of several hidden links at Epictrek.com. They’re zany, unpredictable, and peculiarly funny... It’s the lovable Robertson family from Louisiana.  The “Quack Pack” has entertained families through their television show Duck Dynasty as only authentic rednecks can, and their wild adventures never disappoint. And, hey, every now and then they say something crazy Jack! Enjoy the hunt and see if you can find more hidden links on our site.  Have fun!

It’s on like bing-bong, Jack! • Si Robertson

I didn't get the sophisticated gene in this family. I started the sophisticated gene in this family. • Willie Robertson

Hey, I gotta work with what I’ve got. It’s called improv-isavation. • Si Robertson

You can stop and smell the roses, but don't stay too long; you may get stung by a bumble bee. • Si Robertson

I'm so dope, I'm illegal in fifty-five states, Jack! • Si Robertson

If you combine the time you waste mowing the grass with the time you waste shaving your face you could go to Venus. • Jase Robertson

The more makeup a women wears, the more she’s trying to hide. Makeup can hide a lot of evil. • Phil Robertson

You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix a neutered dog, you can’t fix a garage door, and hey, you can’t fix stupid. • Si Robertson

All of my stories are 95 percent truthful. • Si Robertson

When God made a women he made a strange creature. They all have to cry to be happy and they all have to go to the bathroom together. • Phil Robertson

Hey, I know we’re all family boys, but look here, I might kill for a cupcake. • Si Robertson

I am the MacGyver of cooking. If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pigs feet, pine cones...and a woodpecker, I'll make you a good chicken pot pie. • Si Robertson

I'm a low tech man in a high tech world. • Phil Robertson

I’m the master of distractions! Do a couple of hand gestures and—bam!—I’ll pull the underwear clean off your butt! • Si Robertson

One time, in Vietnam, I saw a grizzly bear ridin’ a scooter. • Si Robertson

Most people named Willie are either in prison or on the arm wrestling circuit. • Jase Robertson

You can talk any redneck into a challenge. That’s why so many rednecks die in strange ways. • Jase Robertson

I don't know about this ‘Justin the Beaver.’ • Kay Robertson

One time I stopped and smelled the roses and a big bumblebee went and stung me on the nose. So, hey, from then on, look here, you smell the roses, but you smell them quick. • Si Robertson

You know what’s stupid about a beaver? He brings a paddle to a gun fight. • Jase Robertson

Last time I dressed up was in sheepskin on a recon mission in Nam. • Si Robertson

Ducks are like women. They don't like a lot of mud on their butts. • Phil Robertson

Fred Astaire's got nothing on me. • Si Robertson

I know all the new phrases: ‘cowabunga,’ ‘radical,’ cat's pajamas,’ ‘duh,’ and hey, ‘homie don't play that.’ • Si Robertson

I want my grandkids to grow up in the great outdoors. The last thing I want is for them to grow up to be nerds. • Phil Robertson

Stop what you’re doing, cuz I’m about to ruin, the image and the sound you’re used to. Look here, I love that Humpty song. Stop cramping my style, man. • Si Robertson

Where I come from, you don't mess with another man's woman or his hat. • Jase Robertson

Doctors and I go together like peanut butter and Dijon mustard. We don't get along, Jack! • Si Robertson

In Vietnam they will steal your tires while you're driving down the road and you would never know it. Hey, they would steal your radio with the music still playing. • Si Robertson

Hey, look here. I sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea! • Si Robertson

Building anything as a redneck, the first thing you do is you take the instructions and throw them away. • Jase Robertson

Jack, I can hurt you, physically and metaphysically! • Si Robertson

These hands are so fast, I can get your wallet before you know it. In a minute, you’ll be standing there buck naked and won’t know what hit you! • Si Robertson

These boys packed so much stuff, hey, they could survive a zombie nuclear a-poca-liss. • Si Robertson

I like all kinds of music, Meat Loaf, Corn, throw a little salt and pepper on it. • Si Robertson

It’s on like Donkey Kong! • Si Robertson

I’m what some people call, hey, cultured, ok? I’m like a fine stinky cheese. • Si Robertson

Look here—if it wasn’t for my tripped knee, I’d be playing in the NBA today. • Si Robertson

Raising a teenager is about as hard as trying to nail Jell-O to a tree. • Si Robertson

I live by my own rules (reviewed, revised, and approved by my wife)... but still my own rules. • Si Robertson